Holcim Ecuador Reaches Volunteering Milestone

Holcim Ecuador reports that its entire staff took part in its volunteer program, which focused on sustainable development and included initiatives such as reforestation, community cleanup and entrepreneur programs, as well as training on environment and safety planning.

The volunteer work was carried out in Esmeraldas, Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Santo Domingo, Guayas, Manabí, Azuay, El Oro and Loja provinces. Holcim’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, plant managers and around 1,150 volunteers worked together alongside local communities to achieve their goals. The initiative directly impacted 8,500 people and 380,000 indirectly.

Approximately 7,000 trees were planted nationwide; 22 schools were involved; and 7,000 children, youth and teachers were provided with safer places.

In line with Holcim Ecuador’s “Zero Harm” policy, a risk analysis was carried out for the volunteer activities and the necessary personal protection equipment was provided for those taking part, so that the 2012 program was completed without any accidents.

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