An Eye on Energy

16 Figure6

How Choosing The Right Component Can Save Energy In Your Cement Plant. By Keith Kressley, Gary Werth, Frank Speck and Markus Locher Energy saving is becoming ever more important in the cement industry. Fortunately, today’s components for pneumatic conveying provide significant saving opportunities for manufacturers in this industry. Especially the development of new surface wear protection coatings for conveying abrasive…

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Advances in Conveyor Technology

12 BEUMER BeltConveyor

Producers Can Expect Improved Efficiency, Capital And Operating Costs, And A Conveying Process That Is Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable. By Simon Shipp The modern industrial process plant is often more sophisticated than the bulk transport method connecting it to its raw materials. Advances in overland conveyor technology have improved efficiency, capital and operating costs, and made the conveying process more…

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HeidelbergCement Explores New Technology to Capture CO2

8 HeidelbergCement

HeidelbergCement’s Lixhe Plant in Belgium. HeidelbergCement launched a promising project in the field of sustainable cement manufacturing. A cutting-edge testing facility is to be set up at its at its Lixhe plant in Belgium to comprehensively assess new technology for the capture of CO2. The project is taking place under the auspices of the LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement)…

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Former Cemex Plant to See New Life

For more than a century, Cemex’s Davenport, Calif., plant supplied cement for numerous major infrastructure projects, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the California Aqueduct, before closing in 2010. Santa Cruz County is now exploring how to reuse the decommissioned plant, which is still owned by Cemex, reported the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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Roanoke Cement Hosts ‘Outdoor Academy’

5 Roanoke

Troutville, Va.-based Roanoke Cement Co. (RCC) recently tapped into the local brain trust of water knowledge and ecology to teach Central Academy Middle Schools’ 130 sixth grade students what it takes to improve water quality and the environment at Catawba Creek. During a two-day event, held at RCC’s mitigation site, the Titan America subsidiary assembled a team of environmental and aquatic teachers…

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Cemex Sees Net Profit in First Quarter

2 Cemex

Cemex announced that consolidated net sales reached $3.2 billion during the first quarter of 2016, an increase of 3 percent on a like-to-like basis for the ongoing operations and adjusting for currency fluctuations, versus the comparable period in 2015. Operating EBITDA increased 12 percent on a like-to-like basis during the quarter to $583 million versus the same period in 2015. The…

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