Continental Cement’s Davenport Plant Moves to PLC

Continental Cement Co., a subsidiary of Summit Materials, converted 100% of its annual production at its Davenport, Iowa, plant to portland-limestone cement. In 2021, the plant produced 1.1 million tons of cement. “Continental Cement has been working with our customers and specifiers to commercialize portland-limestone cement in all of our markets, and we are delighted that PLC adoption has progressed…

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Albarrie Spotlights Efficiency with Tandem Filter Bags

Tandem Nonwoven Baghouse Filter Bags from Albarrie offer improved operating capabilities and excellent filtration abilities by combining high-performance P84 polyimide fibers with conventional fibers like PPS or Polyester. The P84 top layer, with its multi-lobal fiber construction, provides higher surface area for effective surface filtration and dust cake formation while maintaining high airflow and low pressure drop across the media.…

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BossTek Unveils New Compact Dust Suppression Design

The DustBoss Atom from BossTek has been engineered to provide an unmatched level of mobility and performance, delivering effective particle suppression for new and existing applications. With a throw of 100 ft. (30 meters), the adjustable elevation angle and user-defined oscillation allow precise aiming of a powerful dust-capturing mist, which is comprised of millions of droplets per minute in the…

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