BPS Offers Bulk Bag Filler With Pallet Dispenser

The bulk bag filler with wooden pallet dispenser from Best Process Solutions automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. Between 14 to 16 pallets can be loaded for staging into the pallet dispenser. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs. Once the bulk bag…

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HGH Offers Kilnscan Rotary Kiln Shell Temperature Monitoring

Kilnscan is a high-performance thermal scanner from HGH dedicated to the real-time, 24/7 temperature monitoring of the kiln shell. It displays the full temperature profile of the kiln and gives early warning of hot spots indicative of refractory failure. With the highest scan angle of the industry up to 140 degrees, Kilnscan adapts to any kiln configuration: long shell with…

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Dragon Products Displayed the Cement Pig

Dragon Products, a dealer for Utah trailer specialist Ranco by Western, arrived at ConExpo-Con/Agg with the “Cement Pig,” a customized SP 55-4100 Guppy Bottom Dump, splashed with horizontal cement storage nomenclature.  The 23,500-lb. trailer is equipped with a 20-in. aluminum cast pressure cover, six hopper bottoms, plus one 5-in. discharge and two 4-in. blow down lines.  Equal to 4,100 cu.…

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