Bricking Solutions Offers Customization

Bricking Solutions, a full-solution provider of refractory installation equipment, provides customized gantry cranes and material baskets to perfectly match customer applications. 

The free-standing gantry crane lifts and lowers the material basket, which carries tools, brick pallets, equipment and more. Each basket is customized to the operation based on the weight, volume, footprint and size the facility needs. All gantry cranes and material baskets feature a 4:1 safety factor based on maximum load, creating a safer way to move brick.

Cement facilities use the gantry crane in conjunction with the material basket to provide a steady stream of materials to workers. When used with a suspended platform, the material basket is able to move through the center section of the platform and remain in line with any capacity restrictions. Crews have also used the gantry crane and the material basket to move materials while using the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine.

“We’ve been the refractory installation problem solvers for more than 50 years, and we’re proud of that fact,” said Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions managing director. “Both the gantry crane and the material basket bring safety and productivity to one of the most difficult aspects of refractory installation: getting brick to the bricklayers. And, with custom engineering for every product, we can provide exactly what plants need for whatever vessels require maintenance.”

Strong, lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum makes the material basket secure. The heavy-duty capacity allows the basket to lift as much as 10,000 lb. (4,535 kg) at its largest, which is big enough to stack two pallets of brick onto each other. The sides prevent material from falling during operation, fully enclosing the interior of the basket. Secure doors open to allow easy access to material once in place.

The material basket replaces conveyors or slides when lowering pallets of brick into the vessel or lifting them to a platform, freeing up valuable space and increasing safety. Tight spaces are easier to work in when utilizing the material basket in conjunction with the gantry crane.

The height and width of the gantry crane can be customized depending on the size of the facility and the application. Whether the vessel requires an A-frame configuration or a cantilevered end, the gantry crane uses a winch to move the material handling basket up and down while maintaining the ability to move laterally.

While the gantry crane and the material basket tend to be paired with either the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine or the EZ Lift Suspended Platform, Bricking Solutions said they can be used for other applications seeking optimal lifting options. The material basket, on its own, can be paired with existing lifting equipment.

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