Jetstream of Houston Announces MagJet X40 Gen 2 for Surface Cleaning

Jetstream of Houston LLP, a manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, announces the next generation of the MagJet X40 waterblasting tool featuring high-speed rotation for cleaning industrial surfaces. The MagJet X40 Gen 2 rotates in a 360-degree pattern at 1,500-3,000 rpm, doubling the typical operating speed of the previous model without diminishing the lifespan of the tool.…

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DOE Advances Heidelberg Materials’ $1B Carbon Capture Project

U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary for Infrastructure David Crane announced his agency’s plan to negotiate an award up to $500 million to help fund a full-scale carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage facility at Heidelberg Materials’ recently upgraded Mitchell, Ind., cement plant. He outlined the prospective award during a March 25 gathering of 100-plus at the 2.4-million-mtpy capacity operation.…

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