BPS Offers Bulk Bag Filler With Pallet Dispenser

The bulk bag filler with wooden pallet dispenser from Best Process Solutions automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. Between 14 to 16 pallets can be loaded for staging into the pallet dispenser. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs. Once the bulk bag…

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Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger Maximizes Dust Control, Minimizes Moisture Absorption

bulk bag unloader components

Spiroflow’s T4 Single Trip Bulk Bag Discharger offers a dust-evacuation frame supplied with a rubber dust-seal membrane located inside the support dish for optimal dust control during discharge. The discharger has a four-corner massage and vibration to encourage material flow. Additionally, the pneumatic-bag piercing knife encourages material flow by breaking up compacted material at the bulk bag’s bottom. 

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