Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger Maximizes Dust Control, Minimizes Moisture Absorption

Spiroflow’s T4 Single Trip Bulk Bag Discharger offers a dust-evacuation frame supplied with a rubber dust-seal membrane located inside the support dish for optimal dust control during discharge. The discharger has a four-corner massage and vibration to encourage material flow. Additionally, the pneumatic-bag piercing knife encourages material flow by breaking up compacted material at the bulk bag’s bottom. 

bulk bag unloader components

Given its hygroscopic characteristics, cement powder must be emptied quickly to minimize moisture capture. 

Furthermore, dust control ensures a clean and safe environment for workers. Spiroflow’s engineers understand the challenges of working with cement powder and can help build a custom solution for your cement handling application. 

“Spiroflow equipment handles our cement powder quite well,” said a Spiroflow customer using the T4 Bulk Bag Discharger with cement powder. “Our goal was to empty each 20-ton container in 10 hours, and we have cut that time in half.” 

Spiroflow, www.spiroflow.com

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