Bin Level Data Monitoring

24 Binmaster

BinMaster introduced a series of BinCom modules that enable a SmartBob sensor to send data to the BinView web application to provide instant access to bin level data on any device with an internet connection. A smartphone, tablet or PC can be used to get timely, remote data access to all bin level measurements from local and corporate-wide locations. A…

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Pin Latch Belt Cleaner

23 MartinEngineering

The Pin Latch Secondary Belt Cleaner, a tungsten carbide-tipped secondary cleaner that slides in and out for service without requiring any tools, features a square, tabbed mainframe with segmented blades connected by a simple pin mechanism, allowing easy access and quick blade replacement by semi-skilled personnel. The pin latch design by Martin Engineering provides adjustable tension for varying conditions, such…

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Low-Profile Bulk Bag Discharger

23 Flexicon

A new series of Flexicon Bulk-Out Half-Frame Bulk Bag Dischargers feature low-cost frames of variable heights and offsets to fit restricted areas previously utilized for dumping of smaller containers such as sacks, pails, drums, boxes and bins. The low profile dischargers are engineered to straddle downstream blenders, feeders, tanks or other equipment in areas with limited headroom, restricted floor space…

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Using Rope Access Teams

21 CementPlant

For Inspection, Repairs And Maintenance In Hard-To-Reach Places, Rope Access Teams Are Like Navy SEALs. By John Susong When going after the world’s most infamous fugitive terrorist in 2011, the U.S. government theoretically could have sent in the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, with enough troops and firepower to blow Pakistan – and much of the rest of the Middle East – off the map. Instead, it sent…

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Capturing Fugitive Material

19 Holcim

Mexican Cement Manufacturer Addresses Conveyor Carryback. By Mark S. Kuhar It took innovative belt cleaning technology to help a Mexican cement manufacturer resolve fugitive material buildup caused by a variety of alternative fuel resources (AFRs). The second largest cement producer in the country, Holcim Mexico, increased the use of solid and liquid AFRs at one of its facilities, but the…

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