BinMaster takes Sales Performance award

BinMaster’s Level Controls has been awarded the 2010 Best Sales Performance of the Year award for the 3DLevelScanner by APM Automation Solutions. The 3DLevelScanner is a non-contact, dust-penetrating sensor that takes multiple measurements in the bin to provide highly accurate level and volume measurement data. Its accompanying software features a unique 3D visualization tool to help detect cone up or down, sidewall buildup or bridging in a bin.

“[The company] is dedicated to providing the best technology to address complex bin level challenges and the 3DLevelScanner is ideal for customers who demand increased accuracy and reliable volume estimates,” stated Todd Peterson, vice president of sales. “We have built a diverse 3DLevelScanner installation base in the United States and Canada in industries including ethanol, grain, cement, aggregates, fertilizer, milling, food manufacturing, plastics, power, and mining. Customer interest continues to grow with recent advancements in 3DLevelScanner technology such as the MVL multi-scanner system for very large bins and the 3D MultiVision software that enables viewing data for multiple tanks, by multiple users, for multiple locations simultaneously.”

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