One of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants offers innovative, specialty lubricants specifically designed for the open gear drives found in the cement industry. Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is used for the running-in lubrication of new, open-gear pinion drives by means of immersion, transfer, circulation and spray lubrication, or for tooth flank correction of large gear drives that have been in use for some time. The light-colored, mineral-oil-based product is free of bitumen and raw materials containing solvents, heavy metals or chlorine. Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra contains special additives and surface-smoothing solid particles to enhance the running-in process by removing physical and mechanical material that builds up on new tooth flanks. In the same way, the tooth flanks of drives already in use for some time can be lubricated to improve the overall contact pattern.

Klüberfluid C-F 3 Ultra is a new-generation operational lubricant used for immersion, paddle wheel, circulation and spray lubrication of medium-size to large girth gear drives. Based on synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oil and free from bitumen, solvents, heavy metals, chlorine and solid particles, Klüberfluid C-F 3 Ultra provides good adhesion, excellent resistance to high pressure and protection against wear. The lubricant is suitable for use at temperatures up to 120°C and can be used for drives in rotary kilns, tube mills, drums and similar machinery used in the cement, lime, gypsum, mining and chemical industries and in power plants. It meets the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 annex D-2.

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