Baghouse Performance Analyzer & Controller

B-PAC Controls built on FilterSense’s MICS platform provides the same diagnostics and automation of fabric filters that standard B-PACs provide, plus additional time- and money-saving features, including smart alarms, predictive alerts, parts/consumables management, and remote services. Smart alarms analyze all available process readings to determine the likely cause of an alarm. For example, an alarm condition of high differential pressure would be accompanied by on-screen or field bus communication of the likely cause such as low header pressure or plugged filters.

While standard B-PACs provided instant detection of failed solenoids, ruptured pulse diaphragms and filter leaks, the predictive alerts feature provides alerts before failures occur. Consumables management features build off predictive alerts with a built-in database of original OEM filter parts and consumables and the ability to enter replacement dates and service times. Optional remote services can be provided on an as needed basis using the standard SD service memory card or on continuous basis in conjunction with a preferred fabric filter services company.

FilterSense’s MICS platform provides a state-of-the-art modular design with built-in industrial HMI/SCADA and a range of field bus choices. Modularity allows simple installation, easy service, and the ability to start with a basic system adding functionality as desired. FilterSense,

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