Online Analyzer Calibration

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the immediate availability of its new software, Thermo Scientific AccuLINK. This latest software offering provides cement manufacturers with a fully automatic means of continuously comparing the analysis values from an online prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) analyzer with laboratory x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses, ensuring unparalleled online accuracy and consistent and reliable calibrations. AccuLINK provides statistical and graphical data analysis so that operators and QC managers can ensure calibration adjustments are appropriate. Additionally, AccuLINK software automatically stores all performance and calibration data for future auditing, trending, and review.

“Having this new link assures our cement customers that their online system is performing just like their laboratory system and helps ensure that their kiln feed chemistry will be more consistent,” said Jon Culbertson, global sales director and North American service manager, Thermo Fisher. “This is a step forward for cement operations because it can mean even tighter quality control, leading to even lower fuel usage per ton of clinker with longer brick life and less CO2 production.”

AccuLINK can be used in a manual or fully automatic configuration depending on the make and model of the plant, XRF equipment, and the preference of the plant personnel. In the fully automatic configuration, the software package links two leading Thermo Fisher products: Thermo Scientific ARL series XRF analyzers (i.e. ARL 9900, Advantx or Optim’X) and the Thermo Scientific CB Omni or CB Omni Flex online PGNAA analyzers. AccuLINK will also work with any laboratory XRF equipment in a manual mode.

Thermo Fisher Scientific,

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