Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity System

James Instruments Inc. announced the release of the V-Meter MK IV, ultrasonic pulse velocity system for finding voids, crack and determining other material properties in concrete, wood, ceramic, masonry and other coarse grain materials. Cracks, voids and honey combs are most sensitive to the stress waves caused by ultrasonic testing; this makes the V-Meter MK IV one of the most effective methods for determining quality of coarse grained materials. The new system utilizes the latest in software and electronics technology to simplify testing and help interpret the data generated. The V-Meter MK IV system features:

  • A direct digital read-out of transit time, and read out of wave form on daylight display, back lit LCD.
  • Rugged, splash-resistant case built for tough construction environments. Portable and light weight with rechargeable battery and standard A-C power.
  • Includes a signal and trigger output for use with external oscilloscope or other data input device. Digital calibration means no special bar required. Trigger levels and signal amplification can be digitally adjusted.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-597, BS 1881-203, and other international standards.
  • USB interface for computer control. Velocilinx software allows complete control of the system as well as data upload to a PC and data analysis.
  • Direct reading of calculated P-wave and S-wave velocity. The unit can also calculate modulus of elasticity of material using optional S-Wave Transducers. Direct reading of Poisson’s ratio.
  • A range of accessories and ultrasonic transducers available. Standard transducers available from 24 to 500 KHz enable the unit to test ceramics, graphite, mass concrete pores and wood.

Exponential transducers for rough surfaces, as well as underwater transducers are also available. A pre-amplifier is also available for help with long distances or highly attenuative materials.

The complete system includes the Velocilinx software, which controls all operational parameters of V-Meter MK IV from a personal computer, features automatic upload of data for long-term laboratory of production analysis, and offers data storage in standard ASCII format for use in popular spreadsheet software and other office personal computer applications. James Instruments, www.ndtjames.com

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