Free webinar highlights interplay of resilience, sustainable communities

Source: Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill.

The inter-dependence of sustainable communities with resilient construction will be examined during “Resilience for Sustainable Communities,” a free webinar offered by PCA on April 10, from 2:30pm to 4 pm (CDT). The session highlights the ways robust buildings provide support to as well as enhance the sustainability of communities. It will present appropriate building code modifications and strategies to build strong, environmentally friendly homes and buildings that are endorsed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety.

Many communities are seeking to buck the trend of disposable construction to more durable, sustainable buildings. This results not only in more environmentally friendly cities, but also in ones that are more resilient to natural disasters. Durable structures enable quick recovery from natural disasters, often with less strain of municipal budgets. To register for this free webinar, go to:

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