Emissions Measuring

Donaldson Company, a worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, announced that the company received Level 3 Plus conditional verification by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) in October 2011 for an off-road emissions retrofit device. The approval is for the Donaldson Non Road Low NO2 Filter (NR-LNF Muffler) applicable to off-road engines produced from 1996 to 2010 with power ranges from 100 to 600 hp.

“We’re very pleased to have received the ARB conditional verification for the NR-LNF Muffler,” said Ted Angelo, exhaust & emissions general manager. “This expands the successful LNF product into the off-road market, where performance and compact size are critical. Compared to engine repower or vehicle replacement, the NR-LNF Muffler provides equipment operators a significantly lower cost option to meet ARB off-road regulatory requirements.”

The NR-LNF Muffler offers vehicle and equipment owners a best-in-class DPF (diesel particulate filter) solution for vehicles with sufficient duty cycles to permit a passive DPF. “This technology will offer the lowest regeneration temperatures, expanding the range for passive DPF application on off-road vehicles. And because the NR-LNF Muffler is a passively regenerated emissions device, it’s less complex, with lower installation costs compared to competitive actively-regenerated systems,” says Angelo.

Specific engine families and conditions for which the NR-LNF Muffler has been approved can be found in the Executive Order on the ARB webpage at: www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/verdev/verdev.htm.

Donaldson Company, www.donaldson.com

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