Cemex sprouts corporate sustainability seal

Products and services in Mexico-based Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V.’s building solutions portfolio with outstanding sustainability performance will carry a green- and blue-lettered seal, “ecoperating.” Earmarked for 2012-13 roll out in European and Latin American businesses, it was developed through a rigorous internal process that measures the environmental or social impact of a wide range of value propositions—from low (embodied) carbon dioxide cement and concrete products or paperless invoicing services, to construction solutions like concrete pavements with smart LED lighting or affordable-housing initiatives.

Among the most relevant criteria for a product or service to qualify for the ecoperating seal are sustainable attributes, like thermal insulation, use of recycled raw material and contribution to carbon footprint reduction. “Cemex is well known for a number of services and initiatives that significantly reduce environmental impacts or have a positive effect on society,” affirms Cemex Sustainaibility Director Vicente Saisó. The seal will help clients identify the company’s goal of fostering sustainable development through building solutions, he adds.

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