Inventory Management

BinMaster’s MultiBob inventory management system provides an average bin level from measurements taken by two to 32 SmartBob2 or SmartBob TS-1 sensors installed on the top of a single bin, tank, silo or flat storage warehouse containing powders, granulars or bulk solid materials. The SmartBob sensors are strategically located in the vessel to monitor critical measuring points and using eBob software, are programmed to measure materials at scheduled time intervals or on demand. The advanced eBob software compiles the measurement data to calculate an average level or headroom and estimated percentage full.

MultiBob can be used to monitor levels in any storage bin or flat storage warehouse where a single measurement is not adequate to estimate inventory. Each SmartBob sensor precisely and reliably measures in the same location every time, detecting level changes as bins and warehouses are emptied or filled using trucks, loaders or conveyors. Large-diameter bins, bins containing materials that tend to pile up, as well as bins with multiple filling and emptying points are common applications for MultiBob. Depending on the number and locations of SmartBob sensors mounted in the bin, the user can use the data to determine conditions such as cone up or cone down, whether there are high and low spots in the bin, and which filling or emptying points they want to target in multiple-fill, multiple-discharge point bins.

In addition to multiple-point measurement, the advanced eBob software allows the user to add a strapping table to the bin parameters to further personalize the data for a particular bin. Strapping tables are helpful when the material in the bin tends to compact, which makes the bulk density of the material greater at the bottom of the bin than the top. In a non-linear vessel, the addition of a strapping table will improve the estimated volume of material in the tank.


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