Ohio silo and bin cleaning company nets seven safety approvals

Marietta, Ohio-based Mole•Master Services Corp. has been vetted and accepted for membership by seven safety management groups, providing the company with recognized credentials and extended access to new clients in a variety of industries. “We went through an approval process that was, in some cases, very detailed and lengthy,” Mole•Master General Manager Dave Laing said.

                The vetting performed by a safety management company is based on a set of guidelines developed for a specific client’s contractors. The process can include the review of a variety of documents and activities, such as training programs and logs of accidents and injuries, as well as the contractor’s policies concerning screening employees, including drug testing, background checks, and training verification. “It’s a very laborious process that many contractors cannot pass,” Laing said.

                The safety management groups to accept Mole•Master based on the Ohio company’s safety credentials and practices are: BROWZ; FIRST, VERIFY; ISNetworld; PEC; PICS; Purchasing Services; and Safety Management Inc. “These types of safety management companies provide a number of advantages for clients and their vendors,” Laing said. “They relieve clients of the time-consuming task of reviewing and vetting contractors’ safety qualifications. Clients know they can rely on the expertise of these safety management groups to properly review and vet their vendors’ safety records.”

                The contractors benefit because they only need one approval to be cleared to work at all of a client’s facilities. “It’s gratifying to have our safety practices and policies recognized by such a variety of groups,” Laing said. “We’re looking forward to increased speed and efficiency with which we’ll be able to meet our customers’ needs.”

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