Holcim 2012 Results Released

According to a February press release, Holcim increased consolidated net sales, operating EBITDA and net income despite the difficult economic environment in Europe and restructuring costs in 2012. The Holcim Leadership Journey, which is well under way across the whole Group, also supported operating performance. In 2013, Holcim expects increasing sales volumes and significant growth in operating EBITDA and operating profit.

Once again, Holcim delivered more cement, with consolidated volumes of 148 million metric tons (Mt) representing an increase of 2.5 percent. The strongest volume growth was achieved in North America, followed by Asia and Latin America. However, shipments decreased in Europe due to the crisis and in the region Africa Middle East due to the political instability. Aggregates sales volumes, which are primarily supplied in mature markets, decreased by 7.7 percent to 159.7 million Mt, and deliveries of ready-mix concrete recorded a drop of 3.1 percent to 46.9 million cu. m, despite an increase in North America.

In the fourth quarter, cement deliveries increased 1.1 percent to 36.6 million Mt. The largest sales increase came from North America, followed by Latin America and Asia Pacific, despite a slower resurgence in demand after the monsoon in India. Aggregates sales volumes remained below the previous year’s level, dropping by 7.6 percent to 39.4 million Mt.

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