Lehigh Cement Plant Fined $50K for Contamination

The state of New York fined Lehigh Northeast Cement $50,000 for its failure to prevent contaminants from getting into nearby wetlands that feed into the Hudson River. The fine was ordered April 9, with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) stating that the contamination was the latest in a series of problems at a cement dust landfill on the Lehigh Northeast Cement property dating to 1987. DEC stated that Lehigh could have $10,000 of the total fine waived off, if it takes state-approved corrective action within three years.

Lehigh spokesman Jeff Sieg said that the problems were related to previous cement manufacturing operations at the site. He added that the contamination was not connected to current work, and that the problems developed in areas that were capped between 1987 and 1997 using approved methods. Sieg also noted that corrective measures were being taken.

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