Here Comes IEEE-IAS/PCA Technical Conference

Now in its 55th year, the 2013 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference, April 14–18, will feature a mix of educational tutorials and technical papers at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan Resort in Orlando.

In lieu of the traditional plant tour on Thursday of the conference, Disney Institute will present a variety of half-day workshops centered on one of the most important resources: human capital. According to Mark Mueller, Chair – 2013 Orlando Organizing Committee, it is time to revitalize the workforce, motivate employees through facilitated discussion, case studies, activities and field experiences to generate memorable lessons. All of which keeps Disney at the forefront of innovation, service and business.

Exhibiting Companies

3L&T Inc.
Booth 603
3L&T is a company dedicated to the development of new polymer material technologies to solve tough industrial problems. FlueGard-225SQC stops steel corrosion in equipment like baghouses in the temperature range of 140 to 225 C. For higher temperatures, the company developed the FlueGard-425S; for lower temperatures, the Corrosion- Gard-160S. The company has also created materials that resist corrosion in the kiln shell of cement plants. 

4B Components Ltd.
Booth 119
Founded in 1971 as a subsidiary of The Braime Group, 4B has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Its electronics division specializes in level controls, intelligent sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and minimize the risk of explosion in hazardous areas. 

Abresist Kalenborn Corp.
Booth 717
Abresist Kalenborn provides wear–
resistant linings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance – specifically constructed for use wherever wear and abrasion are a problem. For instance, pipes used by the cement industry are reliably protected with Abresist, Kalcret Kalcor or – in case of extreme wear – with Kalocert. The wear and abrasion resistant linings reduce downtime and maintenance and are marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Aecometric Corp.
Booth 813
Aecometric provides complete package solutions including design, process calculations, in-house fabrication, testing, and after-sales service. The Aecometric Precalciner Burners were developed from the established base design of its rotary kiln burner. The base cement plant precalciner burner design has been modified to allow use as a preheater burner in iron ore grate-kiln systems, a burner for vertical lime kilns, and a warmup burner for cement plants. 

Aerzen USA Corp.
Booth 708
Aerzen is the world’s leading supplier of positive displacement blowers, screw and rotary lobe compressors, and vacuum pumps. Aerzen Screw Compressor units are are the ideal solution for dry, oil-free and clean compression of air and neutral gases. As high-developed serial products, the screw compressors are used in all branches of industry, and cases of application include the homogenising of cement and stationary unloading of silo vehicles. 

Air Products
Booth 316 & 318
Air Products has built a reputation for its innovative culture, operational excellence, and commitment to safety and the environment. Having worked with the cement and lime industries for many years, Air Products has helped customers with all types of kilns improve their operations. Its combustion specialists have developed extensive knowledge and practical experience in the implementation of oxygen-enhanced combustion in cement and lime manufacturing. 

Booth 605
Airgas is the United States’ largest supplier of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related equipment, safety supplies and MRO products and services to industrial and commercial markets. The company offers delivery, repairs, pump-outs, tank inspection, and preventative maintenance for all ammonia and refrigerant applications. A nationwide distribution network provides delivery reliability, as well as short-notice and after-hours delivery and service. 

Booth 606 & 608
AirStream provides custom fan and impeller solutions to key industries including cement, steel, pulp and paper, power generation, and lime. The company uses site testing, iFlow modeling, and proprietary software to customize upgrade solutions. For the cement industry, Airstream is able to carefully engineer solutions for kilns, preheaters, precipitators, clinker coolers, finish mills, raw mills, and coal mills. 

Airtech Environmental Services
Booth 220
Airtech is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the sampling, analysis, and monitoring of stationary source air emissions. With minimal impact on productivity, Airtech can help resolve federal, state and local compliance issues for owners and operators of cement kilns, hot mix asphalt plants, materials handling, and aggregate sources. 

Allied Mineral Products Inc.
Booth 934
Allied’s approach to refractory solutions in the cement market is unparalleled because each refractory is uniquely manufactured with enhanced mineral additions for optimum performance. A variety of products including low cement, conventional castables and gun mixes exhibit excellent thermal cycling capabilities and resistance to corrosion, alkalis and abrasion. They are specifically designed for rapid installation, shotcreting, pumping, casting and gunning. 

Altech Environment USA
Booth 407 & 409
Founded in 1989, Altech is a leading supplier of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for combustion and process applications. The company also supplies a range of gas analyzers for compliance, process, engine testing and ambient monitoring applications, including multi-gas analyzers, discrete analyzers, particulate monitors, and air quality monitoring systems. 

Aumund Corp.
Booth 104
Aumund is one of the leading specialists in conveying solutions for the cement industry. From quarry to dispatch, tailor-made equipment is conceived, supplied and installed. Products offered include horizontal and inclined conveyors; belt bucket elevators; circulating bucket elevators; chain bucket elevators; apron feeders; weight feeders; trough chain conveyors; and storage, bunker and silo discharge units. 

Avogadro Group LLC
Booth 609
The Avogadro Group is a source testing and consulting firm that focuses on combustion and process-generated air pollution emissions, emissions measurement, emissions control devices, CEM systems, and regulatory affairs. Avogadro provides customers updates on issues that will impact their environmental compliance; regulatory updates on upcoming workshops; and new rules and regulations from local, state and federal agencies. 

B3 Systems Inc.
Booth 506
B3 Systems provides unparalleled support, both remote and on-site, related to all products and services offered. The company offers bag leak detectors, emission monitoring, filter products and filter management systems, as well as dust monitors and communication products. Services include bag leak alarm setup and CEMS maintenance. The company tailors complete service packages based on a customer’s needs and in-house capability. 

Booth 817
Bulk Conveyor Specialist, Inc. (BCSI), an affiliated company of ADA-ES, Inc., is a leader in bulk material handling equipment and systems as well as water and waste water treatment equipment. A small sample of their products and capabilities are storage silos; belt conveyors, screw conveyors (shafted and shaftless), bucket elevators, drag conveyors and pneumatic conveying; lime/sludge stabilization systems and mixers; and control panels. 

Bedeschi America Inc
Booth 500 & 502
For more than a century, Bedeschi has supplied raw material handling equipment and services around the globe. Markets include the cement, brick, mining, power and biomass industries. For the cement market, Bedeschi offers preblending storages for any type of raw material as well as coal, clinker and additives; debusting equipment; and, primary and secondary crushing group products. 

Boldrocchi Srl
Booth 408
Boldrocchi specializes in designing and supplying process fans and air- pollution-control systems. For the cement and lime industry, the company offers raw mill, kiln primary air, grate cooler, cement mill, coal mill and separator fans as well as kiln, filter, final and clinker grate exhausters. Additionally, Boldrocchi Ecologia applies newly designed bag filters and electrostatic precipitators for purifying process smoke from cement end lime kilns. 

Bosch Rexroth
Booth 303
Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth, the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving. The company can engineer and supply drive and control technology for single machines, as well as delivering systems for a complete cement plant. 

Booth 618
A leading online global-network of safety-minded organizations, BROWZ simplifies the contractor and supplier compliance process with intuitive software solutions and a dedicated team of safety professionals. As an independent third-party, BROWZ assists clients in designing prequalification programs specific to their industry, and support contractors in the gathering, data entry and upload of their required data.

BWF Envirotec
Booth 103 & 202
BWF Envirotec is a high-quality, advanced technology manufacturer/
marketer of standard and specialized dust collector bags, liquid filter cloths, belts, covers and a broad spectrum of filter media. A complete range of needlona-filter media is available for the dedusting of the various production processes in the cement industry. The filter media are characterized by the compact structure and the supporting scrim used. 

California Analytical Instruments
Booth 812
CAI is a premier supplier of quality gas analyzers and systems for use in industrial, environmental, process, health and safety, and automotive emissions measurement applications. The CAI 600 FTIR provides fast, continuous and stable analysis of virtually any gas, which has an infrared absorption spectrum. It’s designed to lower gas emissions by offering a variety of measurements from monitoring kiln operations. 

C.E.M. Solutions Inc.
Booth 625
C.E.M. Solutions integrates and sells reliable, highly accurate air emissions monitoring equipment. The company also offers a variety of air emissions monitoring and CEMS services designed to assist clients in meeting their corporate, federal, state, and local environmental goals. C.E.M. Solutions serves a variety of industries, including portland cement, biomass, waste-to-energy, electric utility, and independent power providers. 

CEM Specialties Inc.
Booth 701 & 703
CEMSI provides systems, products, and services for the continuous monitoring of air emission sources and industrial process gases and liquids. The company’s expertise includes consulting, integration design, manufacturing, service, repairs and training, as well as on-site performance certification testing. Systems can be designed for either process control or regulatory compliance and complete product support is offered both on-site and in-house. 

Cemtek Environmental Inc.
Booth 523
Cemtek Environmental is one of the largest and most experienced Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) companies in the industry, and a top choice for compliance and non-compliance emissions monitoring systems. The company is a leading supplier of CEMS, CEMS Service, CEMS Upgrades, CEMS Instruments and Process Instrumentation and Gas Analyzers. Cemtek custom engineers each CEMS to meet customers’ needs and permit or monitoring requirements. 

Christian Pfeiffer America
Booth 123
Since 1925, Christian Pfeiffer has been a guarantor of outstanding components in grinding systems. In the early 1990s, the company began to apply its experience and innovation to plant engineering. Besides the functionality of the components, targets of the company’s mill internals are: long wear resistance, low energy consumption, low maintenance as well as to assure highest availability of the entire grinding plant. 

Claudius Peters Americas Inc.
Booth 120
Claudius Peters are experts in materials handling and processing systems in the cement, coal, alumina, gypsum and bulk handling industries. The company designs and manufactures stockyards, pneumatic conveyors, cement silos, clinker coolers, cement grinding mills, and coal grinding mills, among other items. Additionally, it is able to project manage and provide process knowledge all the way down the line from initial design, through to supply, installation and commissioning. 

Contec Systems
Booth 321
Contec Systems develops control and data acquisition software with special emphasis on Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Meteorological Monitoring Systems (MET). Using only nationally recognized programmable logic controllers (PLCs), all of Con tec Systems’ customers have the ability to select their preferred PLC controller from organizations such as Allen Bradley, General Electric, AEG Modicon, and/or Siemens. 

Continental Construction
Booth 504
Continental will undertake parts of a project, serve as a general contractor, and coordinate with consulting engineers, or assume total responsibility for the entire project. The company specializes in industrial buildings, slip form concrete construction, pile driving, structural steel erection, millwright work, marine construction, process piping, material handling systems and contract maintenance. 

Control Analytics Inc.
Booth 325
Control Analytics is a representative, distributor, and manufacturer of on-line process monitors, environmental analyzers and systems. Product specialties include Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, process monitoring, pure water monitoring solutions to major electric utilities, and basic manufacturing clients. Extensive experience with various analyzers, sample system designs, measurement techniques, and regulatory requirements allows the company to provide solution oriented, turnkey systems and components to clients. 

Corrosion Monitoring Services Inc.
Booth 420
CMS is the only company in the world to offer complete, integrated corrosion assessment and repair services for tubular air heaters. Assessment services include: visual inspection, air testing, sonic eye testing and tube removal for damage mechanism determination. Repair services include: sleeving and plugging of tubes, tube sheet replacement, tube sheet overlays, partial and full tube replacements, as a result of dew point corrosion, fly ash erosion and external corrosion.

CSD Engineers LLC
Booth 524
CSD Engineers offers engineering, safety and project management consulting services to industry, utilities, and public projects such as infrastructure and transportation. Services offered include business consulting, project feasibility studies, construction cost estimating and constructability reviews, detailed design engineering, life safety (fall protection) services, and construction management. 

CST Covers
Booth 204 & 206
CST Covers provide custom designed aluminum structures and covers for industrial, commercial, recreational, transportation and many other applications. The company’s aluminum domes are custom designed around a bulk storage facilities specific clearance requirements, basin configuration and bulk handling equipment. Structurally efficient and lightweight, they maximize bulk storage capacity, minimize foundation costs and provide dependable protection form the elements while remaining virtually maintenance free. 

C-TEC Inc.
Booth 410
C-TEC is the lead and founding company of CTEC AG and has excelled in servicing the AG industry since 1995 by continuously delivering quality and safety in facility restoration, preventive maintenance or complete facility modifications. Services include silo liner installation and repair, hopper/floor design, crack repair, rupture repair, disaster services (explosions, natural disasters, fire damage, etc.), and structural roof systems. 

DALOG Diagnosesysteme GmbH
Booth 517
DALOG offers customized solutions in the field of machine monitoring, machine diagnostics and takes measurement tasks. The company’s core competence is the monitoring of large gearboxes in cement plants. DALOG system detects multi-sensorial measurement variables, such as speed, torque, acceleration, vibration, temperature, pressure and process values. The solution includes on-line monitoring, analysis and reports, user-friendly software, remote maintenance via VPN, and training.

DCL Inc.
Booth 317 & 319
DCL was founded with one simple goal: to design and build the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for dry bulk loading – in any industry sector. Areas of expertise include loading spouts, loading spout positioners, aeration equipment, shut-off valves, diverter valves, dust collection equipment, bag and drum filling, level sensors, inspection hatches, and system controls. 

Diamond Power Controls
& Diagnostics
Booth 309
Diamond Power International, Inc. is a globally acknowledged market leader in all aspects of boiler cleaning and ash handling. For more than 100 years, DPII has consistently provided innovative technologies for power generation, pulp and paper and industrial boiler designs. Areas of expertise include boiler cleaning systems, controls and diagnostics, ash handling systems, vision and camera systems, and field services aftermarket parts and services. 

Di Matteo / Thorwesten Vent GmbH
Booth 710
Di Matteo offers the cement industry material handling solutions for alternative fuels (tire chips, animal meal, alternative fuels); pneumatic conveying systems for materials that are difficult to handle; bucket elevators for the transport of alternative fuels (height 50 m); fuel systems; and cement storage and transport. 

Durag Inc.
Booth 804
The Durag Group is a global provider of measuring and control technology in the field of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, and environmental and process data management. The company’s products support all types of industrial combustion processes throughout the world. Durag can also provide solutions for applications in special environments, such as extreme climatic zones or potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Dustex Corp.
Booth 302
Operating as a fully functional design, fabrication, installation and commissioning able corporation, Dustex focuses on remaining highly efficient and cost effective through the use of pioneered applications by means of access to vast technical archives regarding air filtration, gas-cooling and gas-scrubbing systems. For the cement industry, Dustex offers products for raw and finish mills, material handling, kilns, clinker cooler, among others. 

Booth 722
In addition to combustion systems, Dynamis also specializes in a range that goes from specific projects for drying systems, handling of conventional or alternative fuels and solid fuel milling, to large contracts like new cement plant projects and integration of equipment from various suppliers. Solutions for the lime, cement and pozzolan market include HHG for cement mill installations, and concept and basic engineering for green field cement plants.

Booth 702
EEMC has provided emission testing services for over 35 years, and has established an in depth knowledge of gas streams in a large variety of industries. These insights provide enhanced application compatibility for its gas flow product line (EMRC Division). The EMRC Gas Flow Monitoring System utilizes differential pressure technology. It is capable of accurately measuring gas flow from 5 to 900 ft./sec and temperatures up to 3,000 F. 

EnviroCare International Inc.
Booth 417
For 30 years, EnviroCare International has designed and manufactured pollution control systems across a range of industrial and municipal applications for clients worldwide. Each of its more than 1,000 installations is custom engineered and fabricated to meet the exact specifications of clients and their individual applications. The company offers advanced solutions to the increasingly stringent pollution control standards including the Boiler MACT standard and Cement MACT standard regulations. 

Booth 324

FCT Inc.
Booth 124
FCT provides innovative process analytical solutions for the cement process. Its patented continuous on-stream mineral analyzer, COSMA, is capable of giving a complete mineral analysis of cement and clinker in real time using XRD and Rietveld analysis. Benefits of a cement installation are quality control; fine control of limestone/kiln dust/fly ash/pozzolans replacement ; plant optimization; and reduction in fringe material. 

Fives FCB/Fives Pillard/Fives Solios
Booth 511 & 513 & 612
Fives, an industrial engineering group, designs and supplies process equipment, production lines and turnkey plants for the world’s largest industrial groups in various sectors. Fives FCB: Grinding plants and process equipment for the cement industry and mineral grinding; Fives Pillard: Clean combustion engineering and systems for rotary kilns for calcination and drying; and Fives Solios: Dust collection equipment for kilns, coolers and grinders. 

FLSmidth Inc.
Booth 501 & 600
FLSmidth is the world’s leading supplier of cement plants and technology for cement producers. From plant design and project management to commissioning, training and on-site services, the company offers a one source for everything it takes to design, build and operate profitable plants. 

Forjas Bolívar
Booth 118
Forjas Bolívar S.A.S. is a metalworking company with 44 years of experience, specialized in the manufacturing of spare parts for the cement, mining and petrochemical industries, and for the heavy industry in general. The company’s industrial line of products and services consists of bolts and anchor bolts for mill liners and coolers; conveyor chains; round and oval link chains for rotary kilns and elevators; and buckets, shackles and pole hardware. 

Fritz & Macziol GMBH
Booth 930 & 932
The Fritz & Macziol Group offers – as a system and consultancy firm – a comprehensive portfolio featuring hardware, software and services as well as consulting in selected areas. The companies of the Group develop and sell software and system solutions for public authorities, medium-sized companies and major enterprises. The Group’s VAS system is a process-oriented software solution for the base material industry.

Fuchs Lubritech GMBH
Booth 700
For more than 60 years, Fuchs Lubritech has concentrated on the development of special lubricants. Its lubricating grease spectrum ranges from high-grade long-term grease for construction machinery to extremely high and exceptionally high temperature greases for use in extreme operating conditions. Almost all the greases are available in special System Reiner cartridges that are screwed into System Reiner grease guns. This system guarantees the complete emptying of the cartridges. 

Gambarotta Gschwendt srl
Booth 219
Thanks to its extensive experience and product range, Gambarotta Gschwendt srl aims to provide solutions to any need regarding mechanical hauling of loose bulk material. For the cement and gypsum industry this includes conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and feeders. Gambarotta Gschwendt is able to revamp, modify and enhance elevators of any manufacturer. Moreover, the company is able to supply any spare part for lifting and hauling machines. 

GE Air Filtration
Booth 313 & 412
GE’s Air Filtration team works to help optimize the client’s operation. With more than 40 years of know-how engineering and manufacturing systems and replacement parts, and delivering expert services, GE helps the client keep things running cleanly and efficiently. Clients can acquire filter elements suitable for GE and non-GE supplied filtration systems, and most are available in industry-standard and custom-frame sizes. 

GE Digital Energy
Booth 311
From protecting and optimizing assets, such as generators, transmission lines and motors, to ensuring secure wireless data transmission and providing uninterruptible power, GE Digital Energy delivers industry-leading technologies to solve the unique challenges of each customer. Intelligent devices that protect, monitor, control & automate the grid, and visualization software that optimizes the grid. 

Gebr. Pfeiffer Inc.
Booth 217
Gebr. Pfeiffer Inc. offers grinding solutions for the cement, minerals, ceramics, and utilities industries of North and South America, specializing in MPS and MVR vertical roller mills; MRD ball mills; drying, hydrating and calcining equipment lines; engineering services; test station analysis; erection and commissioning services; spare parts services; and after sales support. 

Goyen Valve/Pentair Environmental
Booth 121
Pentair is a manufacturer and supplier of a suite of products and services focused on the provision of solutions to industry and, as importantly, the environment. Whether air, gas or water, Pentair has the solutions and the ability to monitor, record, display, decipher and deliver data meaningfully and in the manner most appropriate to the client. These include industrial components and instruments, and complete turn-key solutions. 

H2E Inc.
Booth 203
H2E is a project & risk management, energy management, power and automation engineering firm. It provides extraordinary, yet cost-effective and personal services to clients in various industries including mining and metals, specializing in aluminum & cement. 

Haver Filling Systems, Inc.
Booth 617
Haver Filling Systems is recognized as a leading manufacturer of diversified packaging equipment for dry bulk materials. The company designs and manufactures material handling equipment to improve the efficiency, productivity, and competitive position of its customers worldwide. It specializes in packing machines for valve bags or open-mouth bags, from automatic bag applicators and ultrasonic sealing stations to high-speed rotating systems. 

Hazemag USA Inc.
Booth 505
Hazemag is a world leading supplier for impact crushers and raw material processing systems. It offers material handling solutions through a range of products such as: impact crushers (primary, secondary, and tertiary), crusher dryers, drying technology, hammermills, apron feeders, and wobbler feeders. Behind the operation of every Hazemag product is a wealth of experience, backed by a level of partnership and support. 

Herzog Automation Corp.
Booth 704
Herzog Automation manufactures automatic and manual versions of all machines, such as crushers, mills, presses and fusion machines. It also manufactures samplers for hot meal and clinkers, plus screw, piston, and air-slide samplers. For automated solutions, the samplers are delivered to a lab via Herzog’s plant stations and pneumatic tube systems. Herzog’s range of fusion machines include manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated versions of both gas and electric, high-frequency-type machines. 

HGH Infrared Systems
Booth 709
For 30 years, HGH Infrared Systems have specialized in the development of optronic and infrared systems for security, industrial and civil applications. The KILNSCAN infrared line scanner is used for rotary kiln shell temperature monitoring. This system enables to prevent risks of hot spot formation on the shell, to early detect refractory brick fall, to determine coating thickness and to evaluate the kiln thermal warp amplitude. 

Howden Covent Fans Inc.
Booth 304
Howden Covent Fans specializes in the custom design, manufacture and testing of heavy-duty industrial and power generation industry fans and blowers up to 10,000 hp, and offer a complete range of sizes and impeller designs. For the heavy process industries such as cement and mineral processing, the company supplies fans, blowers and compressors for process critical applications to meet the most arduous demands. 

Industrial Accessories Co.
Booth 210 & 212
IAC is an industrial design/build, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of process equipment for APC, dust collection, hazardous gas emission mitigation, pneumatic material transport, and bulk material handling systems. In addition, IAC can provide replacement parts and new equipment components for baghouses and bulk material handling systems. IAC can also supply complete engineered systems, as a total turnkey provider. 

Booth 218
Intersystems engineers and manufactures bulk material handling products and industrials sampling systems. Several models of Intersystems automatic sampling systems are ideal for the cement industry. These unattended systems ensure a representative and repeatable sample. Samplers and the collection systems are applied in the truck and rail load out areas as they leave the terminal. 

Booth 610
With more than 30 years of experience, Iteca Socadei is a leading manufacturer of sampling systems, online and at line process control analyzers, centralized automatic laboratories, highly efficient kiln seals as well as high-capacity grinding media sorting machines, specifically designed for the cement and mining industries. 

Keith Manufacturing Co.
Booth 213 & 312
Keith provides pallet and bulk material handling solutions through its Walking Floor conveyor. The unique horizontal unloading/loading system handles nearly any bulk material or palletized cargo. Both mobile Walking Floor trailers and stationary Walking Floor bins are used throughout the refuse and recycling, agriculture, energy generation and wood products industries. 

KettenWulf USA LP
Booth 306 & 308
KettenWulf is a global leader in manufacturing engineered chains and sprockets. With decades of trusted manufacturing and quality, there can be no doubt that safety and reliability are utmost concerns in the design, manufacturing, testing and supply of all Kettenwulf products, such as bucket elevators, reclaimers, and apron feeders. 

Köppern Equipment Inc.
Booth 413
Köppern has become one of a select group of suppliers leading the way in the briquetting, compaction and high-pressure grinding of mineral materials. Of particular interest to the cement industry are Köppern’s roller presses for the high-pressure grinding of raw materials, clinker, and slag, as well as for the briquetting of synthetic gypsum. 

Booth 602
Lachenmeier Monsun A/S offers a wide spectrum of technology and solutions for bulk handling. The company delivers individually, tailor-made machines as well as complete plants and systems. Lachenmeier specializes in bucket elevators, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, truck loading systems, storage systems, dust aspiration systems, and intake systems. 

Lechler Inc.
Booth 918
Lechler is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing spray nozzles and systems. The Environmental Division of Lechler is well equipped to meet the new environmental regulations being imposed on the cement/lime producers here in the United States. Solutions include SCR and SNCR nozzles, spray lances and systems. 

Lhoist North America
Booth 205
Lhoist North America, part of Lhoist Group, is a leader in lime-based products and services. Products include limestone, quicklimes, blended quicklimes, lime slurry and hydrated limes. Its calcining facilities receive a continuous supply of raw limestone from quarries throughout North America. 

Lindner America LLC
Booth 902
The versatile range of products consisting of primary, secondary and universal shredders as well as processing systems for refuse derived fuels (RDF) with groundbreaking and reliable technology create the crucial pre-conditions for Lindner Recyclingtech to meet customer-specific requirements competently. The RDF compact plant is used in the cement industry for processing domestic, industrial and commercial waste for the production of alternative fuels. 

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