Cement Shipments Increase in January

According to the latest USGS Mineral Survey report, total shipments of portland and blended cement in the United States and Puerto Rico for January 2013 were about 4.8 million metric tons (Mt). This was 5 percent more than shipments in January 2012.

The leading portland cement-producing states in January were Texas, California, Florida, Missouri and Alabama, in descending order. The leading consuming states (Texas, California, Florida, Arizona and Oklahoma, in descending order) received about 46 percent of the January total shipments.

Clinker production totaled 4.3 Mt in January, slightly more than the output in January 2012. The leading clinker-producing states in January were Texas, Missouri, California, South Carolina and Florida, in descending order, and these accounted for about 56 percent of the U.S. total.

Masonry cement shipments in January of about 141,000 metric tons (t) were 8 percent higher than those of January 2012. The leading masonry cement-consuming states were, in
descending order, Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina and Georgia, and these received about 55 percent of January’s total shipments.

Preliminary results for February show total shipments of portland and blended cement to be 4.7 Mt, a slight decrease from the above stated January figure. Clinker production also seems to have decreased in shipments for February with a preliminary figure of 3.8 Mt.

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