Clinker Cooler Inserts

Blasch Precision Ceramics’ new wear resistant products can greatly extend the life of clinker cooler heat exchangers; yielding significant savings. The clinker cooler wear insert is designed to protect the tube end along with the first 6-36 in. of the tube inside diameter (ID). Generally after this distance the cooling gas flow has straightened out or developed to the point that abrasive wear typically drops off.

Blasch inserts may be manufactured with round flanges, to cover just the tube end, or square, to cover the entire tubesheet between the tubes. Installation is simple and fast: The inserts can come equipped fully wrapped with fiber paper for slide-in installation with a custom engineered high temp mortar, or held in place with a proven refractory face on the tubesheet. Since pressure drop is always a concern, the company has made sure to minimize the insert tube wall thicknesses. Additionally, each insert is designed to fit a specific boiler tube size. The inserts can also be used to temporarily seal up any leaks due to holes in the tube, allowing for quick return to service until a retubing can be scheduled and completed.
Blasch Precision Ceramics, 

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