Heavy-Duty Diverter

Vortex Heavy-Duty Diverter

The Titan Series TLD Diverter is designed for use in gravity flow applications where abrasive material is diverted from one source to either two or three destinations. Material handled with the TLD diverter can include refractory mix, clinker, aggregates, rock and sand. It is the ideal solution for applications that require a positive seal from dust and fine powders. The…

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Baghouse Performance Analyzer & Controller

FilterSense Baghouse Performance Analyzer & Controller

FilterSense’s B-PAC series tightly integrate control, sensing and high-speed digital signal analysis to provide time and money saving diagnostics including: the ability to detect/locate filter leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms.

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Shaft Alignment Equipment

p Quality-Bearings

Quality Bearings & Components offers several different models of the Easy-Laser shaft alignment system. In each case, the goal is to make shaft alignment as simple as possible. Clear digital readings take the guesswork out of adjustment. Additionally, each kit comes complete with every component needed to set up and run the alignment readings, including instructions on proper usage. These…

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Current Transducer

DT Series 3-Wire Current Transducer from NK Technologies

The new DT Series 3-Wire Current Transducer from NK Technologies is specifically designed in a compact, space-saving case. The DT 3-Wire uses a common point for both power supply and output signal, and is factory calibrated for a single current range. This 3-wire method for DC current measurement keeps costs in check for projects where many sensors are needed.

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Conveyor System


Pro-Zone is a patent-pending modular conveyor belt load-zone system that optimizes the sealing for air/dust tightness of the receiving conveyor belt. The self-contained system is comprised of ASGCO’s Slide-N-Roll beds with removable “slide-out” designed UHMW and steel side supports and easily removable center rolls. Side guards, internal splash sealing system, dust curtains and angled hoods (aluminum or steel) completely enclose…

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Flexible Shaft Rotary

BinMaster Flexible Shaft Rotary

BinMaster has announced a new flexible shaft rotary for detecting high levels in bins containing rock, aggregates, coal, ores or other lump materials. This type of rotary extension may be desirable in conditions where a rigid extension could be damaged or bent by heavy material. Both the standard BMRX and fail-safe MAXIMA+ rotary level indicators can now be configured with…

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