Shaft Alignment Equipment

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Quality Bearings & Components offers several different models of the Easy-Laser shaft alignment system. In each case, the goal is to make shaft alignment as simple as possible. Clear digital readings take the guesswork out of adjustment. Additionally, each kit comes complete with every component needed to set up and run the alignment readings, including instructions on proper usage. These Easy-Laser systems are designed to withstand harsh conditions, so they can be used and reused in any machine environment.

p Quality-BearingsAnother advantage of the Easy-Laser systems is that the core components are all the same, which allows a user to upgrade to a more advanced system just by adding the right components, rather than buying an entirely new system. The basic D450 gives superior measurement accuracy by accounting for conditions that alter readings such as air turbulence and vibration. For applications with space restrictions, the D505 adds the EasyTurn function, allowing adjustments to be made within a 40-degree rotation. The D525 takes it a step further, adding numerous alignment programs for specific machine types and geometries.

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