Ceramic Filter System

Tri-Mer, Ceramic Filter System

Tri-Mer, Ceramic Filter SystemTri-Mer Corp., a technology company specializing in advanced industrial air pollution control systems, has fully commercialized a ceramic filter technology that is highly effective for emissions emanating from cement kilns and other processes facing NESHAP and MACT compliance issues.

The Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalyst Filter System is unexcelled in removing PM, SO2, HCl, mercury and heavy metals, while simultaneously destroying NOx, Cement Organic HAPS and dioxins, notes the manufacturer. The control of any combination of these pollutants is accomplished in a single system. The system consumes no water and is completely dry, with easy disposal of the collected waste. It is suitable for all flow volumes.

The walls of the ceramic filters are embedded with nano-bits of SCR catalyst, facilitating very high NOx removal at temperatures notably lower than standard conventional SCR. UltraCat technology is effective for NOx destruction at 350-950˚F. The embedded catalyst is also effective in breaking down the Organic THC HAPS regulated by the Cement NESHAP. Similarly, dioxins are eliminated with high efficiency.

UltraCat Catalyst Filters are state-of-the-art for removing particulate from hot sources, from PM2.5 to submicron sizes. The technology is based on proprietary low-density, ceramic fiber tubes that are lightweight and self-supporting, with an 85 percent open area and very low flow resistance. Pressure drop across the clean filters is 4 in. w.g.

Systems accommodate gas flows of any volume and are supplied turnkey.

Tri-Mer Corp., www.tri-mer.com

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