Loop Powered Particulate Monitor

FilterSense, Loop Powered Particulate Monitor

FilterSense, Loop Powered Particulate MonitorThe model EM 30T is a reliable particulate emissions monitor and filter leak detector in a 2-wire loop powered transmitter configuration. The loop powered design is ideal for direct connection to PLCs and data loggers.

EM 30T is available in a compact one-piece version and a two-piece configuration with remote electronics for high temperature or high pressure applications. The two-piece configuration is also beneficial for baghouse applications where outlet ducts are difficult to access. The base model is designed for general maintenance planning and process protection applications. Optional detection level upgrades enable low level monitoring and early warning filter leak detection.

Adjustable linear or logarithmic output ranges in absolute units enable simple setup without confusing sensitivity and gain settings. A log scale output enables trending both the baseline emissions and the high dynamic peaks that are caused by filter cleaning cycles and developing leaks. Observation of both baseline and peaks is essential to setting proper alarms.

The EM 30T employs a field-proven combination of charge induction and protected-probe technologies invented by FilterSense. As particles flow near and around the probe, a minute current is induced. A DSP processes the signal into an absolute output relative to particulate flow. A protective layer over the probe works in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with conductive particulate, moist powders, corrosive gases and particulate buildup. Maintenance is minimal and there is no need for an air purge.

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