Scantech Software For Raw Material Feed

Scantech Software For Raw Material Feed

Scantech Software For Raw Material FeedScantech’s Blendscan software controls the proportioning of raw material feed into stockpiles or raw mills to obtain the desired product quality while respecting process limitations and minimizing the total material cost.

The software is used to automate and optimize quality control of conveyed materials. In the cement industry, Blendscan Pile Offline and Blendscan Pile Online optimize limestone or marl pre-blending while Blendscan Mill optimizes raw mix blending.

Features of the Blendscan Mill:

  • Computes and filters on-line the raw mix quality.
  • Corrects possible deviations from the desired raw mix quality (e.g. LSF, SR, AR) continuously (continuous control) or at batch end (batch control) after each new Geoscan measurement by automatically adjusting proportions of the input materials (e.g. premix, limestone, sand, pyrite, clay, bauxite, etc.).
  • Exact knowledge of the input material compositions is not required, only the main differences in quality between input materials.
  • Takes into account constraints such as limitations on input material proportions by a proprietary constraint control and optimization algorithm.
  • Rejects anomalous readings due to short term upsets such as temporary stops of feeders or the Geoscan and stockpile changes.
  • Communicates with various devices (Geoscan, dosage controllers/feeders) via customized protocols (Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, OPC, etc.).
  • Offers a reliable user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) to introduce the parameters, view online, historic trends and alarms.
  • Generates electronic reports (either automatically; daily, monthly, yearly or manually; for a specific time interval). 


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