Lime Leak Prompts Procedure Amendments at Lafarge Plant

After an estimated 500 kg of dry hydrated lime white dust spilled following an uploading mishap at a hydrated lime silo on July 21, a revised strategy to strengthen procedures at Lafarge’s cement plant in Exshaw, Canada, have been put into effect to avoid future leaks.

Jennifer Lewis, Lafarge director of communications for Western Canada, said it was the first time the hydrated lime had been delivered, and a very “specific action plan” has been set to strengthen procedures as well as to ensure they are followed accordingly.

Specifics of the amended procedures weren’t revealed, but reworking the silo delivery mechanism was a focal point to avoid a future leak. “There is technology in place that we are reworking to make sure that it is fully functional,” Lewis said. “[Lafarge] took this really seriously and we did a number of things to react.”

There were four complaints to Lafarge – three were of dust on residential property. Lewis said Lafarge has been working with their insurer on the incident and they are seeking to meet with each of the people in order to investigate and resolve issues.

“We felt, given the weather conditions and indication from the (air) monitors, that everything had been contained,” stated Lewis. “Still, we sent a note about what happened to our community liaison committee to let them know what happened.”

Lafarge also reported the incident to the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

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