Canadian Cement Industry Quantified

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) has quantified its members’ contribution to the country.

The eight member companies of the CAC operate 16 cement plants in five provinces and produce more than 98 percent of the cement used in Canada.

More than 40 percent of the cement and concrete industry is vertically integrated, which means that many member companies also own and operate ready mix concrete, construction and aggregate businesses. The cement industry is an important economic presence in communities across Canada.

2012 facts and figures on the Canadian cement and concrete industries:

  • Member companies produced more than 13 million tons of cement, worth more than $1.6 billion; 3.4 million tons were exported, primarily to the U.S.
  • The industry employs more than 27,000 Canadians in the production of cement, ready mix concrete and concrete construction materials.
  • Cement is manufactured at 16 plants and delivered to more than 45 distribution centers across the country.
  • Concrete products, such as ready-mix concrete, pipes, pre-cast structures, bricks and blocks are produced in 1,100 plants nation-wide.
  • Approximately 28.1 million cu. meters of concrete (about one cu. meter per Canadian) are used each year in construction projects to:
    • Pave roads, highways, sidewalks and parking lots.
    • Build homes, apartments and office towers.
    • Construct sewers and water treatment facilities
    • Build storage and waste management facilities for agriculture.
    • Build bridges, ports, airports, dams, power plants and oil wells.

Cement is readily available in every region of Canada. Its eight companies operate 16 cement plants, which produced 13 million tons of cement in 2012.

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