Plibrico Focuses on New Refractory Product Development

Plibrico Co. LLC announced Justin Teiken as the new vice president of sourcing and product development. Teiken first began his career at Plibrico, and has since dedicated 18 years to new refractory product development and applications.

“We are very fortunate to have Justin rejoin our company,” said Bob Hunter, vice president sales and marketing of Plibrico Co. “In addition to his earlier career at Plibrico, Justin has worked in quality control and R&D at some of the leading refractory manufacturing companies. Many of his new product innovations have resulted in record profits and successful expansions into new markets. We believe Justin’s return to Plibrico will be instrumental in growing our refractory product line and support our goals for penetrating new markets.”

Teiken has held positions with Vesuvius where he developed NUMAX premium precast shapes and Quick Fix phosphate-bonded patch mix, and shared in the development of Surgun low cement gun mixes. He continued his success in new product development at Holland Manufacturing where he introduced nine new products and opened doors to new markets. Teiken also holds a Ceramic Engineering degree from University of Missouri-Rolla (currently Missouri University of Science and Technology).

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