EIR Released for Mitsubishi Cement Project

The Port of Long Beach released a draft environmental impact report (EIR) examining proposed modifications to the existing Mitsubishi Cement import facility on Pier F, according to media reports. To gather comments on the recirculated draft EIR, a public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 22 at Long Beach City Hall.


Mitsubishi Cement receives bulk cement and cement-like materials from cargo vessels at its terminal. The material is stored in a warehouse and silos. It is then transported to concrete batch plants via trucks.

The project would consist of constructing additional storage for 40,000 metric tons of products on vacant property adjacent to the existing facility. It would also include installing an emission control system to capture and reduce harmful emissions from ship auxiliary generators at berth.

The deadline for comments is Nov. 18. Written comments should be sent to Heather Tomley, director of environmental planning, Port of Long Beach, 4801 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815, or to [email protected]

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