CTLGroup Brings Consultant Onboard

Hamlin Jennings, PhD, has joined CTLGroup as an affiliated consultant. In his new role, Dr.  Jennings will consult on cement chemistry, cementitious composite microstructural characterization, concrete durability, and mechanisms of creep and shrinkage. Dr. Jennings’ work includes forensic investigations, new product development and applying new technologies for characterizing cement and concrete behavior.

In addition to his work with CTLGroup, Jennings is an adjunct professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a principal investigator at the Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) at MIT.

“Professor Jennings has been a leader in cement and concrete research worldwide for over 30 years,” said Senior Vice President Tim Tonyan, PhD. “Combining Dr. Jennings’ scientific and product development expertise with the technology transfer and applied science skills of CTLGroup will accelerate the industry’s application of new tools for improving cement and concrete performance as well as condition assessment of existing structures.”

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