Cemex Plant Runs on Solar Energy

Cemex has launched a 1.5-megawatt solar power plant to supply renewable energy to its cement plant in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, according to the Dominican Today.

The company said the initiative is part of its commitment to sustainability, to contribute to reduce its carbon footprint and mitigate the impact on climate change. “The contribution represents 1.5 megawatts that will allow us to produce 2.2 million kilowatt-hours per year, which equals the energy consumed by 2,000 homes,” said Jesus García Cárdenas, Cemex cement plant operations director.

The unit is comprised of 5,040 high-tech panels with inverters that capture sunlight and convert it into energy, leading to a significant reduction in fossil fuels consumption.

“Cemex, in adherence to its carbon emissions reduction strategy, continues looking for new opportunities to increase generation and the use of renewable energy, aimed at contributing to environmental conservation,” noted García Cárdenas.

The solar plant, which is Cemex’s first in the Caribbean, is in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cemex plans to continue innovations with other sustainable solutions like wind and ocean energy.

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