Tri-Mer Offers Advanced Multi-Pollutant Filters

TriMer 150

Tri-Mer’s UltraCat Catalyst filters remove particulate (PM), acid gases such as SO2 and HCl, and NOx in a single all-in-one system. The filters are composed of fibrous ceramic materials that can withstand high temperatures up to 1650 F. The filter walls have nanobits of highly-efficient SCR catalyst for NOx control. Destruction of NOx is effective at temperatures as low as 350 F. Acid gases are removed in the same system with integrated dry sorbent injection of sodium bicarbonate, trona or lime. Dioxins are also destroyed by the proprietary catalyst.TriMer 400

Tri-Mer ceramic filter systems provide much higher temperature capabilities than fabric filter baghouses, with much better performance, yet are still cost competitive with ESP, noted the manufacturer. In addition, Tri-Mer filters have unique multi-pollutant features including NOx and dioxin treatment not possible with fabric filters or ESP.

UltraCat filters typically capture particulate to levels less than 0.001 grains/dscf (2.0 mg/ Nm3). MACT compliance levels are guaranteed. The unique structure of the filters keeps the collected particles on the surface. The embedded NOx catalyst is protected from blinding and poisoning.

The UltraCat filter tubes have nanobits of proprietary catalyst embedded throughout the filter walls, which are about ¾-in. thick. Operating range is approximately 350 F to 750 F. Aqua ammonia is injected upstream of the filters, reacting with NOx at the catalyst to form harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor, which then exits the system as clean gases.

The proprietary catalyst is highly resistant to sulfur poisoning and is protected from particulate contamination because it is embedded inside the filter walls. NOx removal is up to 95 percent. UltraCat is also very efficient at destroying dioxins, typically over 97 percent. Typical SO2 and HCI results show 90-98 percent removal.

The strategy for mercury control depends on the constituents in the flue gas and is analyzed on an individual basis. Levels of mercury control can be achieved through injection of activated carbon of various formulations. Blended sorbents of hydrated lime and activated carbon can remove acid gasses, mercury and THC. Other mercury approaches are also compatible with the UltraCat filter system.

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