Holcim Ecuador Launches Second Phase of Modernization Project

Holcim Ecuador reaffirmed its confidence in the country by inaugurating the second phase of the modernization project at its Guayaquil cement plant, representing an investment of about $400 million over the past five years. The project enables Holcim to produce 4,500 tpd of clinker at the plant replacing the need for imports (600 tpy) and increasing the company’s cement production capacity in the country.

The modernization project has also had a strong focus on environmental management with the company investing 20 percent of the total value in environmental-control equipment. The new clinker production line reduces Holcim Ecuador’s carbon footprint by 700,000 tons of CO2. 

For the past 28 months, the company has promoted a safe work site with the staff participating in around 49,000 hours of safety training. The project has enabled Holcim Ecuador to enhance the skills and leadership of its employees as well as provide the latest construction techniques.

Throughout both phases of the modernization project, the company has maintained an ongoing dialogue with neighboring communities.

The company stated that all these efforts are aimed at building value for their customers. The modernization of the Guayaquil plant reinforces Holcim Ecuador’s commitment to sustainable development of the country as well as demonstrates building confidence.

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