Magnesita, ACIS Create Alliance for Global Cement Greenfield Projects

Brazilian corporation Magnesita Refratários S.A. announced an agreement with ACIS, a cement maintenance and operations service company based in China and Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, ACIS will expand its service offering with Magnesita’s refractory products in support of global cement greenfield projects. ACIS and Magnesita will target Chinese cement Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are building projects in countries primarily outside of China. The collaboration began July 1 and will continue for three years, with possible extension.

According to Magnesita CEO Octavio Lopes, “Partnering with ACIS, who is recognized within the cement industry for its technical and service capability, is an important step for Magnesita’s continued growth within the industrial market. This alliance with ACIS will help clients control costs utilizing Magnesita’s high quality refractory products as new cement plants are commissioned.”

In order to make the partnership successful, ACIS will create a commercial team in China focusing on clients and the development of new projects while Magnesita’s technical assistance team will work closely with ACIS to provide application and engineering support. “We are confident that Magnesita’s broad product line, refractory expertise and global reach will complement ACIS’s technical and service offering and will be very well received by the cement OEM’s we serve,” said Wang Yong, ACIS CEO.

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