Ash Grove Cement, Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Extend Agreement

Ash Grove Cement Co. announced that its Louisville, Neb., plant manager signed an agreement extending the use of an on-site building to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc. (NWRI). The agreement gives the rescue center space at $10 per year. Upwards of 2,000 animals being cared for by NWRI have resided in the building this year alone. Ash Grove first made the building available to the organization in 2010.

“We are happy to provide a home to the center’s staff and volunteers, and the orphaned and injured wildlife they care for,” said Louisville Plant Manager John Dale. “The group offers an important service to the state of Nebraska.”

The 4,500-sq.-ft. building provides a facility for the staff and volunteers to manage the hotline and conduct animal rehabilitation, education, training and fundraising.

“This facility has allowed NWRI to grow to serve our community and to help exponentially more people and wild animals,” said NWRI Executive Director Laura Stastny. “We have been honored to partner with Ash Grove since 2010 and are grateful for their generosity in their donation of the use of the building for our Wildlife Center.”

The Ash Grove Louisville cement manufacturing plant employs 136 and began operations in 1929. It recently won top honors in the annual Ash Grove Energy Management (AGem) Outstanding Plant of the Year competition. Additionally, the plant has earned numerous safety awards including the Portland Cement Association Innovation in Safety awards as well as Ash Grove’s President’s Safety awards.

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