Powder-Saver Hopper Container Cuts Material Waste

19 MODRoto 150

The Powder-Saver hopper container from material handling manufacturer MODRoto allows powders, granules, flakes and other dry products to be accurately dispensed in measured amounts to prevent material waste and meet required batch or shot weight specifications.19 MODRoto 400

The product features a proprietary design setting a conical, plastic hopper with a slide gate valve set within a squared, companion, forkliftable base. The durable, removable base allows the entire hopper to be safely moved by lift truck, stacked covered during transport and racked for neat, orderly storage and warehousing.

Designed and developed by the Ashtabula, Ohio-based MODRoto’s custom team, the rigid Powder-Saver hopper container offers a cleaner, easier way to move, store and dispense dry products than bulk bags, corrugated boxes and flexible intermediate bulk containers while also eliminating the spills and product loss from torn or ruptured bags.

The reusable hopper container, base and cover are rotationally molded from 100-percent waterproof, chemical- and UV-resistant polyethylene plastic. The translucent hopper holds 31 cu. ft. of material and includes molded-in fill level indicators for visual monitoring and the base offers convenient, four-way lift access. The unit measures 45-3/4 in. x 45-3/4 in. x 48-1/2 in. tall. A variety of valve options are available.

MODRoto, www.modroto.com

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