PSL Enters Construction Materials Market

With more than 30 years of experience in dispatching and Cloud-based information logistics, Paradigm Shift Logistics, Inc. (PSL Inc.) announced that it has entered the construction materials marketplace with an “unprecedented technological advancement.”


PSL Inc. created a handheld telemetric system that delivers status updates and geo-positional movements. The technology provides live-streaming data that is “thousands of times faster than traditional GPS solutions,” noted the company. Harnessing the power and architecture of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, PSL can deliver second-by-second geo-positional status updates using only an Android mobile smart device.

The system streamlines billing processes in the bulk materials hauling industry by effectively automating the owner operator and 3PL environments. With Cloud-based integration to the signed bill of lading captured in the field, PSL integrates with any dispatch, accounting or document imaging software application to provide same day settlements.

Paradigm Shift Logistics Inc.,

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