Hansford Sensors Releases Vibration Monitoring White Paper

63 Hansford 150

Hansford Sensors, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of industrial accelerometers, released a free white paper that offers cement manufacturers valuable advice on using vibration monitoring to enhance the efficiency of production machinery.63 Hansford 400

The paper begins by looking at the challenges posed by cement manufacturing and why these challenges demand predictive maintenance, especially vibration monitoring. It then goes on to outline typical vibration monitoring methods on key components such as motor and gearbox assemblies. Cement manufacturing assets include kiln drives, crushers, screens, conveyor belts, raw mills, separators and blowers, and vibration sensors can be installed for all of these applications. The guide also provides valuable information for cement manufacturers on the importance of correctly specifying and installing the best vibration monitoring solutions, and provides a helpful list of tips for achieving this.

“Industry reports repeatedly show that world cement volumes will continue to grow over the next few years,” said Chris Hansford, managing director at Hansford Sensors. “This offers cement manufacturers a strong opportunity to capitalize on a growing market; however, to do this they need to maintain machine performance in what is an extremely challenging application. By using vibration monitoring to manage key equipment such as crushers, milling machines and rotary kilns it is possible to increase the efficiency and therefore reliability of the cement manufacturing plant.”

The white paper can be downloaded from Hansford Sensors website, www.hansfordsensors.com.

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