Cementos Argos Contributes to Development of Community Park

With the intention of contributing to the creation of community spaces that stimulate integration, healthy co-existence and development in Sogamoso, Colombia, Cementos Argos built a park in the Gustavo Jiménez neighborhood that will benefit more than 3,000 people of the area.

The new space was officially inaugurated on Oct. 2. The park, located on a terrain of the municipality, was built thanks to the Argos’ investment of close to COP 275 million ($95,510) and the permanent support of local residents and their Community Action Council.

The design and construction of the public space is based on a bio-healthy concept, which combines ecological areas, recreational spaces and specific places to work out. In line with this philosophy, the park was also provided with gym equipment, a multi-sport game court, green areas and a playground, which are expected to become meeting points at which even local schools can develop sports, cultural and social activities.

“We strongly believe that spaces such as this one promote the adoption of healthy habits, stimulate free-time activities, facilitate the integration of the community and strengthen its social tissue. This is why we wanted to make the dream of the area’s inhabitants come true, by building this park. Also, it’s very gratifying to see that it was the result of work done with the permanent support of this community, which is why we are sure everyone will take full advantage of it and care for it,” said Tomás Restrepo, vice president of Argos’ Colombian Regional Division.

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