Bulk Bag Conditioner

36 Flexicon 150

The patented Block-Buster Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner from Flexicon conditions bags ranging from short to extra tall using hydraulically-actuated rams that automatically adjust in height during conditioning cycles. The rams of the new design provide approximately 6 ft. of vertical travel, roughly double the range of most conditioners employing scissor lifts to raise the bag, while the fixed-height turntable reduces…

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BinMaster Heavy-Duty Probe

36 Binmaster 84

The BinMaster HD probe is a heavy duty, stainless-steel probe that can be attached to either the PROCAP I or PROCAP II capacitance probes. It comes in a standard 8-ft. length and features a PRO-Shield to guard against false readings from material buildup on the probe. The wide diameter of the probe increases the surface area for maximum sensitivity and…

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Demystifying Linear Optimization

10 Kozzi 150

With The Help Of Linear Optimization, A Cement Manufacturer Maximizes Profit Margins While Seeding Future Growth Opportunities. By Ryan Brown Deciding how best to use limited resources is a universal issue that spares no individual or business. In today’s competitive quarter-to-quarter environment, it’s critically important to your business’s profitability (and longevity) that its people and assets are used most efficiently.…

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