Buzzi Unicem Plant Investigated Over Wastewater Treatment

The Buzzi Unicem cement plant near Greencastle, Ind., is under investigation by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for the dumping of more than 300 tons of wastewater treatment filter cake intended for use as an alternative raw material in the cement kiln, reported the Tribune-Star.

Buzzi Unicem USA corporate officials said that groundwater contamination due to improperly dumped waste is unlikely at the company’s Greencastle facility. The material was not dumped near groundwater sources, Daniel Nugent of Buzzi Unicem USA said, and did not contaminate surface water collected in ponds and quarries on the site.

IDEM is still investigating the unauthorized dumping, which was reported to IDEM by company employees. IDEM public information officer Barry Sneed told the Tribune-Star that the company does have a restricted waste site landfill that is permitted to receive only cement kiln dust generated by the facility.

The company also has an alternative fuel registration for non-hazardous solid wastes that are burned to power the kiln, and a permit to store alternate raw materials, or ARM, as substitutes for the components necessary to make cement.

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