Mitsubishi Cement Plant Adds New Emissions Stack

Mitsubishi Cement Corp. is currently constructing a 110-ft. high emissions stack at its Cushenbury facility in Lucerne Valley, Calif., to satisfy Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitoring requirements, reported the Lucerne Valley Leader.

“There’s nothing different about the exhaust coming out of our plant that this stack will address,” Dave Rib, environmental manager of Mitsubishi Cement’s Cushenberry plant, told attendees at a February meeting of the Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association. “We’re already meeting all of the new emission requirements with our multi-vent stack and measuring it to an accuracy that I think is better than they need to have, but not what they want to have. So we have to do this just for monitoring.”

According to Rib, Mitsubishi Cement has continually sought to improve its emissions monitoring. An exhaust dust collector, for instance, takes in 30 tons of dust per hour. For many years, the plant used one rack of technical equipment to monitor all of the pollutants. In recent years, however, Mitsubishi has implemented one rack per emission type and hired a new person to monitor everything.

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