Cement Industry Applauds Alberta’s Focus on Infrastructure, Climate Change

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) said it approves of the Alberta government budget. The budget strikes a balance with targeted investments in infrastructure and the environment. It will help diversify the economy and provide critical funding to enhance infrastructure management, rural transportation development and long-term market access.

“The strong focus on building infrastructure will create much-needed jobs for Albertans, new opportunities for businesses and better infrastructure in communities across the province,” said CAC President and CEO Michael McSweeney. “The Alberta Jobs Plan will play a key role in keeping people employed while restoring and enhancing infrastructure across the Province.”

Premier Notley and her government have shown leadership in ensuring that the Alberta government consults in a meaningful way on climate change with industries across the province. This will enable climate change policies to be designed and implemented correctly from the start and therefore can protect the competitiveness of industry and the integrity of the environment.

McSweeney added, “Climate change is real, and our industry will continue to collaborate with the Alberta government on the development of fair and effective environment policy. This policy framework needs to address our collective greenhouse gas emissions issues, while protecting energy/emissions intensive, trade exposed industries to ensure we can compete on a fair and level playing field which will keep jobs in Alberta.”

As an industry that produces a strategic commodity and provides the foundation of a modern, sustainable economy, CAC is looking forward to continued collaboration with the province of Alberta.

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