Cemex Expands Social Strategy Reach to 15 Million Beneficiaries

Cemex announced that by the year 2020 it expects to improve the quality of life of at least 15 million people through programs and value models that transform global challenges into opportunities. This increases the scope and goals of the company’s social programs by approximately 5 million people from the target publicized in September 2015.

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals announced last year, Cemex has actively participated in the creation of opportunities through social and inclusive businesses, the development of sustainable communities and the empowerment of women and young people. Thus far, all of these initiatives have enabled Cemex to benefit more than 9.7 million people.

“At Cemex, we know it is crucial to create opportunities in the communities in which we operate. Thus, we expanded our goal to at least 15 million beneficiaries by 2020,” said Fernando A. Gonzalez, CEO of Cemex. “Thanks to the success of our high-impact social initiatives, we provide our communities with the tools and skills needed to achieve economic security in today’s society and position them for success over the years to come.”

To learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts, as well as its high-impact social strategy, please read Cemex’s 2015 Sustainable Development Report.

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