Buzzi Unicem Plant Celebrates 100 Years

Buzzi Unicem USA’s Stockertown, Pa., plant is celebrating its centennial anniversary, reported The Morning Call. Although erected in 1906, the plant didn’t become operational until 1916 due to delayed construction, the result of the financial panic of 1907.

Over the decades, the Stockertown plant has made countless contributions to the industry: closed cement hopper rail cars, preheater tower, NOx and SO2 emission advancements, and most recently, researching the growing use of switchgrass as an alternative fuel.

Some of the projects, in and around the Lehigh Valley, which included cement produced from the Stockertown plant are: Route 33 bridge over the Lehigh River; Bethlehem Water Authority’s Penn Forest Dam; multiple sections of Interstate 78 through the southern end of the Lehigh Valley; American Parkway and Bridge in Allentown, Pa.; Sands Casino’s parking garage; and various area logistics warehouses.

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