MAPEI Americas Announces Technical Manager


In line with the entry of MAPEI into the North American cement additives market, Dr. Hugh Wang has assumed the position of technical manager for the company’s Cement Additives Division (C-ADD) business line. In his new role, Dr. Wang manages the research and development laboratory activities for the C-ADD line.


Dr. Wang received his doctorate in material sciences from the University of Calgary in Canada, and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science from his native China. After receiving his doctorate, he started his career in the United States developing technologies for ASR control, corrosion inhibition, air entrainment and water-reducing admixtures. He also led efforts to extend the applications of chemical admixtures for remediating soils that are contaminated with volatile organic compounds, which is covered by a U.S. patent.

Over the past 22 years, Dr. Wang has worked in the admixture, concrete and cement industries. During the course of his professional life, Dr. Wang has made many contributions to product developments, quality improvements and advancement of scientific knowledge that is related to construction materials. He pioneered several sophisticated technical approaches to investigate cement and admixtures/additives compatibility.

Dr. Wang has published numerous scientific and technical papers, and received the 2016 Wason Medal for Materials Research from the American Concrete Institute. He has also been awarded an honorary membership in ASTM Committee C01 for outstanding contributions to standards and specifications development.

“Dr. Wang has also developed many corporate procedures to effectively manage industrial projects, troubleshooting and managing customer challenges, which led to significant cost savings,” added Walter Nussbaumer, director of the Liquid Admixtures Division for MAPEI Group. “He will use this expertise in managing the technical assistance MAPEI supplies for the C-ADD product line in North America. We look forward to his strong leadership within our North American C-ADD division.”

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