McInnis Cement to Use Gaspesian Rail for Cement Distribution

McInnis Cement announced the signing of an agreement with Gaspe railway corporation (Société du chemin de fer de la Gaspésie – SCFG) to distribute cement from New Richmond, Quebec, to various Canadian and U.S. markets. The agreement provides for the transportation of 140,000 tons of cement over a five-year period.

The cement will be loaded onto trucks at the plant site in Port-Daniel–Gascons, transported to New Richmond, and then trans-shipped onto tenders through a weight bin to be installed by SCFG. This system is an interesting initial solution for McInnis Cement.

“The use of rail combined with the efficiency of maritime transport provides McInnis the flexibility and competitiveness needed for the distribution of cement that will be produced by the company commencing in the Spring of 2017,” said McInnis Cement CEO Hervé Mallet. “We are pleased to confirm this contract, knowing that it is part of the infrastructure future, and we will consider increasing volumes when conditions permit.”

The first railway convoys are anticipated to become operational a few weeks after the beginning of cement production at the plant site in Port-Daniel–Gascons. The railway delivery system will allow McInnis Cement to reach the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario and the United States with this mode of transportation.

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